Hybrid Leadership Assessment

As the world changes, leaders must change.

“Today’s workforce responds to a leader who has the ability to create collaborative relationships, uses intuition along with strategic thinking, demonstrates compassion, responds to nontraditional needs and has a burning desire to achieve breakthrough results by developing and empowering OTHERS by serving as a coach/mentor.” ~Trudy Bourgeois

The Hybrid Leadership Assessment is For Leaders Who Wish to…
  • Better connect with people of all backgrounds
  • Improve and flex your communication style
  • Serve others in a more meaningful way
  • Embrace flexibility
  • Pursue innovation with vigor
  • Achieve breakthrough results
Background Information on The Hybrid Leadership Assessment:

The 21st century workforce is experiencing radical change. These changes include gender, geography, multiple generations and ethnicity. The workforce composition includes generations X, Y and the Sandwich generation (adults who are young enough to have children but old enough to have responsibility for elderly parent care). Women now make up half the labor force.

Savvy companies know that success hedges on their ability to harness the uniqueness of the talent of the most diverse workforce in history. Employee retention and productivity directly impact your organization’s bottom line. All of that hinges on leaders who can adjust to these dramatic changes and thrive. That’s what the Hybrid Leadership Assessment helps you do – learn, adjust and thrive.

There are many different types of leadership styles, and your style is built on your experiences and philosophies or beliefs. As the world changes, leaders must change. Leaders must challenge themselves to examine limited perceptions of people who approach the business differently, possess different values and have different professional expectations. A guided self-discovery of deep-seated beliefs is the foundation upon which awareness and behavioral changes can be made.

This 30-question assessment gives a leader the opportunity to assess his or her style against three critical areas:

  • Self Leadership
  • Team Leadership
  • Organizational Leadership


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Hybrid Leadership Assessment. Enjoy!