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Panels can be stuffy (bordering on boring) or they can be exciting, full of energy and loaded with practical takeaways. So what does it take to create a panel that is successful and impactful?

It takes great panelists and a skillful moderator.

And that’s what you’ll get by choosing Trudy Bourgeois to moderate your next panel discussion.

Facilitating impact-driven dialogue…

Trudy is known for her superb interpersonal skills. She draws on her extensive business experience to develop questions that are meaningful and relevant. Each panel design is customized to ensure that the richest dialogue and highest take-away value is obtained. And she knows how to engage senior executives in the process.

As a savvy and skilled moderator, Trudy is known for weaving her own personal stories throughout the discussion as a way to connect opinions and points made by each panelist.

Trudy’s method is tried, tested and proven. Take a look…

Trudy’s Moderation Process:

1. Identify the purpose of the panel. (This includes how the experience fits within the overall conference or meeting theme.)

2. Define success. (What does the experience look and feel like?)

3. Identify the panelists. (Trudy takes the time to study the bios and customizes questions based upon their life experience in order to set them up for success.)

4. Share preliminary questions with panelists.

5. Organize a group meeting to discuss content flow, review the questions and get feedback on the questions. Secure one key take-away from each panelist.

6. Finalize the customized questions.

7. Distribute final questions.

8. Review current trends and select personal stories and quotes to serve as connectors throughout the discussion.

9. Schedule on-site rehearsal to foster connections. Review content flow and logistics (seating, mics, etc.).

10. Deliver a panel with excellence, value and impact!

Panels are quickly becoming a preferred venue at conferences instead of breakouts because they offer the audience the opportunity to hear multiple viewpoints about a particular subject.

Select Trudy Bourgeois as your next panel moderator to guarantee SUCCESS!

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