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#CCAre you ready for courageous conversations about women, race, leadership & transforming the business world?  Then join us!

#CourageousConversation is a movement — a call-to-action even. A call-to-action for each and every one of us. Women and men. Young and old. All races and ethnicities. Companies and individuals. To start the hard conversations. To speak the truth in love. To change the way we think, speak and act about women and people of color. To create meaningful, generational changes. Once and for all.

Have a #CourageousConversation about race equality.

Have a #CourageousConversation to empower more women into leadership.

Have a #CourageousConversation about white women being the new sponsors of the 21st century.

Have a #CourageousConversation about the impact corporate America has on marriage.

Have a #CourageousConversation to transform your business place.


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  1. Luci Sheehan

    Your blog post and photo with George Wallace should be required reading for all Americans. Very powerful.

  2. Andy Dierkes

    Hi Trudy! Your CourageousConversation website is yet another great example of your commitment to improving the quality of people’s lives! Great Work and all the best! Andy

  3. James S. Huggins

    Nice new site. The four section home page does a good job of defining and separating your market while not becoming such a “busy” home page that attempts to do everything and instead does nothing. I also like the simple color choices.

  4. LaQuisha Parks

    I absolutely adore Trudy! I met Trudy 2 years ago in Miami during a leadership summit. Her wisdom coupled with expertise and a genuine desire to see women thrive was refreshing. Trudy is real, and she helped me discover and embrace my uniqueness while leveraging “likeable confidence” and connecting that to “value intentions.”

  5. Leonelle Hill

    Love the new website and the #CourageousConverstaion. Looking forward to the discussions and newsletter!

  6. Sigi Bonnett

    Hi Trudy,

    I love the look of your website. I look forward to reading more of your blogs because you provide encouragement and real tips and strategies that as a working mother I can implement in the work place and at home.

  7. Marne

    Wonderful site Trudy! Flows well, information and resources are easy to find, and the color scheme is inviting and warm. Looking forward to your newsletter and #CourageousConversations!!

  8. Kathleen Pytleski

    Overall, love the website. It is clean and uncluttered. Your use of video and testimonials is very good and illustrates your approach and value. Wishing you continued great success!

  9. Sarah Head

    Thank you Trudy for letting us be apart of your video! We enjoyed discussing these important issues with you. I feel honored to have been able to speak along side of such powerful and courageous women! Be the change.

  10. Jen Linke

    I like the colors and the layout. Easy to read and very informative. I especially like the testimonials. Keep those fresh and updated! Nicely done!

  11. Robin Broadus-Iwuoha

    Trudy ,
    Thanks for sharing your website, the layout is very inviting and pleasing to the eye. The videos are an amazing touch to the site. I enjoy the approach that you have with the topics…. candid, yet respectful. It really displays your true character.

  12. Benjamin Forrest

    The new site looks great – content is easy to find and everything looks up to current design standards. Going to check out the site on mobile as well but so far no issues with the new layout on desktop. Kudos to you and your team on the upgrade.

  13. Sue Stanek, Ph.D.

    I just read an article called “The 9 Painful Stages of Realizing You Live In a White Person’s Bubble.” It was enlightening point of view (as a white person!).
    We need to keep having courageous conversations! Thank you for being a thought leader that is keeping the important topics of diversity and inclusion moving forward!

  14. Stephanie Blaney

    Thanks for sharing and looks great! I like the videos and ease of the website! Plus the assessments!

    Looking forward to “speaking the truth in love and ready to change the way I think!”



  15. Ron Kuykendall

    The new website has a very clear message and a crisp look. The focus of courageous conversations empowers those on your site to take the first step to live more powerful and engaged lives. Great job!

  16. Kelvin Covington


    The new website gives a great depiction of your diverse expertise and abilities to work with leaders from a variety of organizations. Great site!

  17. Leroy T

    Trudy, you are EVERYWHERE and I continue to hear great things every time your name comes up. This new site echoes the comments I hear about you: insightful, straightforward, and a pleasure to connect with. Keep it up!!

  18. Sherri Toney

    Love your new your new website. It is very user friendly with a nice crisp look, eye catching. I am excited that you are helping individuals and companies open the door to have those courageous conversations. I am looking forward to hearing more!

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