CWE Founder: Trudy Bourgeois

Leadership strategist, speaker, trainer, consultant and coach…

trudy-in-pink-jacket-smIn the ‘60s, she integrated her elementary school in Alabama.

In the ‘70s, she was selected as one of America’s brightest future leaders.

In the ‘80s, she became the first in a family of ten children to graduate from college.

In the ‘90s, she broke the glass ceiling in the consumer goods industry by becoming the first African American woman to rise to the level of VP.

In the 2000s, she founded The Center for Workforce Excellence. A highly-respected and in-demand organizational cultural change, training, consulting and coaching company.

In the 2010s, she is one of America’s most respected and listened-to workforce performance and leadership strategists, speakers, consultants and coaches.

Trudy’s track record is inspiring. Her experience is solid. Her passion – authentic!

Fortune 100, 500 and 1000 companies turn to Trudy and her team when they need expertise in the areas of leadership development, diversity and inclusion, executive coaching and employee engagement. A particular topic of specialization and passion is the advancement of women and people of color.

Trudy is one of America’s leading experts on transformational leadership and a highly-regarded leader in the field of workforce performance and improvement. An expert at teaching managers and leaders how to unleash the greatest potential of every employee, Bourgeois is a highly sought-out resource.

Dollars and Sense Magazine honored Bourgeois as one of the “Best and Brightest Women Leaders.” And as the founder and president of The Center for Workforce Excellence, Bourgeois continues to utilize her superb management and interpersonal skills.

Trudy has authored two leadership books, HER CORNER OFFICE : A Guide to Help Women Find a Place and a Voice in Corporate America (2nd Edition) and THE HYBRID LEADER: Blending the Best of Male and Female Leadership Styles. She has also written numerous articles and white papers, and she contributes regularly to educational materials for corporations, associations and trade groups.

mikeandtrudy-smBourgeois is the proud mother of two children, Adam and Mary Ellen. And she has been married to her husband and best friend, Michael, for 31 years. She is active in her church and community. Trudy is particularly active in Special Olympics, supporting her husband Mike who coaches multiple Special Olympic sports. She has also served on several boards including the Network of Executive Women.