Meet the CWE Core Team

Professionals you can count on
  • Trudy Bourgeois

    Trudy Bourgeois

    Owner & President

  • Trudy Bourgeois is a renowned and respected authority on leadership development, change management and workplace transformation… especially as pertaining to women and people of color. She is a bestselling author, speaker, trainer and coach. Most importantly, she’s a teacher at heart. Trudy believes that when people can learn and grow, they can achieve. Which ultimately empowers them to LEAD!

    After a successful career as a senior sales and marketing executive who managed teams of thousands and a $3 billion budget, Bourgeois took all her experience and passion and founded The Center for Workforce Excellence in 2001. Companies such as Intel, PepsiCo, Kroger and ConAgra credit CWE with advancing their talent management initiatives and more.

    Trudy is a featured blogger for The Huffington Post, writes for numerous magazines and publications, including The Washington Post, and has authored two books on leadership. As a teacher, Bourgeois has earned a reputation as a truth-teller who combines candor with humor to foster courageous conversations necessary for change to take place.

  • Mike Bourgeois

    Mike Bourgeois

    Owner & CFO

  • After enjoying a successful 37-year career in television production, Mike Bourgeois has joined his wife in their company, The Center for Workforce Excellence. Besides his experience working with some of the top names in Hollywood on national television shows, Bourgeois was truly a man before his time. A pioneer. A creative disruptor. But it was in a role that many find hard to understand.

    That of supportive corporate spouse and even stay-at-home dad.

    Serving in these two capacities provided Bourgeois with a life perspective he never could have imagined while being reared in a male-dominant home on the south side of Chicago…a life journey that’s redefined what a true man looks like.

    Through that, Mike has learned how to shift his own paradigms about what a man should or should not do (for example, to drop the belief that ONLY the man should hold the lead position in a dual-career marriage). And he is passionate about encouraging other men to serve as FULL partners in their marriages – and to redefine what team work in a marriage looks like.

    Since 1989, Mike has been a proud member of the Director’s Guild of America, but his most cherished accomplishment is that of valued family team member as husband and father. Bourgeois has served as a volunteer coach for Special Olympics, supporting his son Adam for more than a decade. Bourgeois has a deep faith that has been shaped through vast life experiences and a testimony that is an inspiration to others. Read full bio>>


  • Karen Best

    Karen Best

    Chief of Staff

  • Karen Best runs all the “behind the scenes” to keep our beloved energizer bunny (a.k.a. Trudy) blowing & going. And to know Karen is to love her. Her accent? South African. Her heart? The Lord. Born and raised on a nature preserve on the Western Cape of South Africa, Karen received a boarding school education. Upon completion of her education at age 17 (yes, she’s smart like that), she soon moved to England to take a job in the finance department of a time-share exchange company. After living and working abroad for two years, she met her husband Richard. They soon married and moved to the States.

    Karen & Richard have now been married almost 14 years and are training up two lovely girls in a suburb of Dallas, TX. Karen loves adventure, travel, reading and photography. Oh, and she also loves her backyard of luscious FAKE grass (no mowing!)!

  • Jenny Claggett

    Jenny Claggett


  • Jenny Claggett loves a good story. In fact, she loves ALL stories. A writer by way of elementary school teacher, Jenny started her business (Primo Writing) in 2002. From attorneys, to real estate agents, to churches, to professional basketball players, to speakers, Jenny can write one heck-of-a story and keep people hooked. And since 2008, she’s worked with Trudy by helping her share her stories with the world.

    This Jesus-loving, college-football-crazed Iowa farm girl has lived in the suburbs of Dallas, TX, for almost 20 years with her mega-tough husband, her beloved kids, her missing thyroid and her hundreds of failed Pinterest projects.

  • Jan Rosales

    Jan Rosales

    Virtual Assistant

  • Jan Wolfe Rosales manages and develops the online newsletter for Trudy at the Center for Workforce Excellence, as well as provides other administrative support roles. Her background includes over 20 years of experience within the healthcare industry, starting as an admitting and insurance clerk and then by completing her AAS in Radiography Technology with registries in radiography, mammography, and bone densitometry.

    Jan is the thankful mother of three children and one child-in-law and is the author of the book, Given In Love, But Not Mine To Keep: Finding Strength In The Loss Of A Newborn Child. She is passionate about women’s ministry and volunteers at the Pregnancy Resource Center in Panama City, FL, where she makes her home with her husband of over 30 years. Jan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Management from Grand Canyon University.